This blog is intended to collect my creative and critical writings--including my own lyrics, poetry and thoughts on making and writing music as well as reviews and essays I've written about other artists and music-related subjects.  I hope people who find themselves here will take the time to check out my music--if you like the artists I've reviewed there's a good chance you might enjoy my music too.  Unfortunately the reviews aren't meant as a source for free music downloads--as a music lover and musician I believe that good music is worth paying for.  For that reason, I don't offer downloads of the music I review unless it's out of print, although I do offer links for the best place to purchase the music.  I hope it goes without saying that all of the writing on this blog is my intellectual property--if you'd like to reprint anything you read here please contact me first.  If you enjoy what you're reading, hearing or seeing and want to offer your support, the best way is to buy my album from one of the links on the main page.  I'm just a music lover and musician trying my hardest to find a niche with like-minded music fans, musicians, artists and writers so please contact me at elliot.knapp at gmail dot com or through the comments to chat about music, request a review (I'm happy to review music from independent artists) or get in touch about booking.