cloudwatcher (2018)

An aural journey through far-flung stratospheric cloudscapes, again sculpted from the astonishing range of the electric guitar.  Shapes present themselves and evolve into things unexpected and half-remembered before the skies clear, calm and blue.


Prismatic (2017)

Light and color translated to the medium of sound--four expansive soundscapes that explore the spectrum of textures possible with the guitar, from dense sound walls to hypnotic oscillations to intricate clockwork constructions...and other psychedelic detours in between.


paraprosdokian! (2013)

Tangled pop songs determined to deconstruct and advance the medium in equal measure.


Discoveries (2013)

A surreal field recording sound collage journey through Seattle's Discovery Park.


Anadromous (2013)

Story songs that blend the innermost recollections with fleeting enigmas just past the edge of vision.


Cheap Seats at the Cartesian Theater (2012)

A concept album that probes the kaleidoscopic potential of the human mind in 22 brief experimental songs.


In Not-Even-Anything Land (2010)

Sublime visions, mystical ire, and the ramblings of a fool eagerly accept an invitation to throw the rule book behind us on an untrod path.