Justin Phelps recording/the hallowed halls studio

 Justin has engineered, mixed, and/or mastered nearly every Elliot Knapp album.  Known for his patience and creative judgment, he is an artistically empathetic partner in crime and a generous mentor.  Justin worked out of Cloud City Sound for several years before openingThe Hallowed Halls (also in Portland), and his professional discography speaks for itself.

Rohan Sforcina recording/Four hundred acres studio

Rohan's a talented audio engineer and drummer who apprenticed at Cloud City Sound under Justin Phelps in 2013 and 2014.  Since then, he's been involved in numerous Elliot Knapp projects, including Paraprosdokian and Prismatic, as well as multiple yet-to-be released albums.  Rohan operates out of Four Hundred Acres Studio in Melbourne, Australia.

russ kleiner/trio subtonic

Russ is an absolute demon behind the kit--his ability to interpret, supplement, and enhance ideas that have been developed and exist only within an artist's mind palace and breathe real life into them is a true gift.  He currently drums for Trio Subtonic in Portland.  Russ plays drums on Cheap Seats, Paraprosdokian, and numerous other unreleased and future recordings.

christopher m. howard photography

Chris Howard's fantastic photos all over this site speak for themselves: he is a true visual collaborator adept at representing the adventurous spirit of the music through photography.  Chris operates out of San Francisco and shoots great portraits and wedding shots.

Newtone guitar strings

Simply put, the best guitar strings around--the round core makes them sound and feel fantastic, they last longer than mass-produced strings, and they tune to pitch at a lower tension, so gauge up and bend away!  With recommendations from Ralph McTell and Roy Harper, how could you go wrong?

Courtney Morgan

An artist who doubles as a yoga entrepreneur (or is it the other way around?), Courtney has contributed artwork to numerous projects, from album art to posters, logos, and everything in between.  If you're ever in Walla Walla and are desperate for a yoga session...


em koelbl

Em's graphic design and typography skills are all over my album art--from the loving kerning to Paraprosdokian's psychedelic plaid--check out the portfolio/funfolio/catfolio for more visual righteousness.

Chelcie blackmun

Chelcie is a woman of many interests and talents, and her design, visual art, and handmade wonders have elevated several of Elliot's projects, including art contributions for Cheap Seats and Anadromous.

Drew Shoals

Drew played in seemingly every band on campus during his time at Whitman College, and continued the trend in Portland before moving to NYC for law school.  His skills are amply demonstrated on Cheap Seats.  Drew gave up practicing law to join Train, and now he tours the world doing what he loves and does best.

Lara hilgemann/Wild Powwers

Lara handles the belting and axing for Seattle's Wild Powwers--she can sing anything, writes great songs, and Wild Powwers are great to watch live. 

Alicia Dara

Alicia is a Seattle-based singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and creativity/vocal coach.  She performs as a member of her bands Diamondwolf and The Volcano Diary and has authored numerous inspiring pieces on the creative process.

noel brass jr.

Noel Brass Jr. is a Seattle-based keyboardist and composer of moody, groovy, atmospheric, and genre-bending jazz as a solo artist and a member of Afrocop.

Tyler is a singer/songwriter based in Eugene, OR.  He's got a jaw-droppingly prolific discography of work in the Americana vein and is building an equally impressive CV as a producer.

Blumenstein Audio

Clark's tagline says it all: Handmade audio for people who make time for music.  Hi-fi equipment made in the Pacific Northwest by passionate people.

Dave Newhouse - Manna/Mirage - The Muffins

Dave is a member of the classic AmeriCanterbury band The Muffins and continues to produce music under the Manna/Mirage project and contributes to numerous experimental artists' projects today.

Sam Tsohonis/Maxwell Guitars

Sam makes really awesome custom guitars and is also a talented graphic designer, musician, and Cloud City Sound alum. 

Cloud City Sound Studios

Recording studios in Portland, OR that gave birth to Elliot's first five .  A family-run business full of great people and some classic sci-fi decor.